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Tobias Stone

Tobias Stone writes about politics and current affairs, with an eye back on history. He covers America, Europe, UK, cyber security, fake news, and how things tie together on a global scale.

He wrote 'History tells us what may happen with Brexit and Trump' in 2016 which was viewed over 20 million times globally.



History tells us what may happen next with Brexit & Trump

It seems we’re entering another of those stupid seasons humans impose on themselves at fairly regular intervals. I am sketching out here opinions based on information, they may prove right, or may prove wrong, and they’re intended just to challenge and be part of a wider dialogue.
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We Should Talk About Concentration Camps on the U.S. Border

My grandfather was a doctor in the British army. In April 1945, he was in the group that liberated Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. He wrote an essay about what he found. It was a very practical description, a doctor’s view of what they encountered: “Typhoid was raging; there were 13,000 dead bodies lying around.”
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How Boris Johnson is gaslighting the UK (and why he’ll win the next election)

If ever you needed irrefutable proof that the current cabinet are a bunch of mendacious cowards it came last week when they all lined up to support Johnson’s prorogation of Parliament.
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Has Britain Joined the Trump Bandwagon?

Like Trump, new British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is a populist and showman with a penchant for lies. he last thing any self-respecting politician needs or wants is a ringing endorsement from Donald Trump. The United States president particularly likes to offer his advice to British politicians, and to the British electorate.
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Britain’s Populist Death Spiral

The U.K. risks getting trapped in a self-perpetuating cycle that drives voters and politicians further and further to the right. ritish news has been gripped by the rather bizarre process of the governing Conservative party choosing a new leader. It was always likely to be Boris Johnson, the former mayor of London, but to avoid the appearance of a coronation, the party gradually reduced a crowded field of candidates down to two people: Johnson and Jeremy Hunt, a former health minister.
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Theresa May’s Legacy

Theresa May was the last person to leave the party. Kept saying she was off, edging towards the door, then having just one more glass of wine. We wanted to tidy up, go to bed, but couldn’t get rid of her. Finally, she’s called her cab and is off. Despite everything, it’s hard not to admire her, in the way you admire a boxer lasting through two more rounds despite having his eye hanging out of the socket and all his teeth on the floor.
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The Trump Kleptocracy

The convictions of Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen this August shined a light on the type of people Trump chooses to work with. He said he’d employ the “best people”; instead, he employed crooks. Behind all the outrage, the Manafort and Cohen convictions show that Trump’s government is building an American kleptocracy.
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Why The Queen should take over

It’s worked quite well having an appointee obstruct the top position in the country from anyone who might actually want to occupy it. However power crazed or corrupt a politician might be, they cannot actually take over the military, or the country, without removing the monarch. And as England already learned once, removing the monarch doesn’t end well and would be very unpopular. (Clue: 1649)
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The Truth About Brexit and Xenophobia

Theresa May has fallen back on claiming that her deal will give the U.K. control over its borders, which is “what the British people voted for,” she says. The rest of what she says is waffle, empty verbiage, or just untrue. We have now finally reached the truth about Brexit: It is about our borders, nothing else. “Control over borders” is just a euphemism for controlling immigration. And “controlling immigration” is just a euphemism for xenophobia and racism.
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The Smoking Ban, the Seat Belt Law, and How to Fix Brexit

Amidst the current Brexit saga in the U.K., it seems that clarity around the very fundamentals of British democracy is becoming increasingly murky. It’s fascinating, and depressing, how few people seem to understand how our political system works—including plenty of people elected to Parliament.
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Five Acts of Voter Suppression That Will Sway the Next Election

The evolving demographics of the American electorate are working against Trump, and his voting base will become a minority by the next election. But that does not mean he will lose the next election. Trump won the last election with a minority of the popular vote, and he—and much of the Republican machine—will have had a full term to manipulate the electorate further in his favor.
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Trump Is Up Against a Demographic Time Bomb

The electoral demographic in America is moving against the Republicans.
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Tobias Stone

Tobias Stone is an historian and writer who lives in the UK.

He looks at big patterns, in the present, back historically, and into the future. His writing explores specific events in detail, and connects them into larger historical patterns.

He writes for Medium, New Statesman, New European, and has been published previously in a variety of online and printed publications.



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